„Build inner confidence“

Philosophy and Approach

Public appearances and speeches create stress, especially when literally standing in the spotlight. In such situations, speakers often hide behind certain behaviour patterns that are supposed to display self-confidence but are not genuine. Each sound resonates and so does everything about your appearance. Are you aware of the reaction you get?

Why we are unique

„Please stand still” – in reality, it’s not that simple. You are governed by the subconscious, and so you will soon start swaying again. Are you not firm on the topic or is your position an uncertain one? We will find out. We will use the camera to uncover each detail: the smallest movements, each fluttering of an eyelash will be recorded. The impression you make is strongly dependent on the consistency of your message, both in content and appearance. Without a consistent message, you will lose your credibility. If you succeed in conveying this message, you will be perceived as convincing and authentic.

Gain a double benefit with us

As communication experts we develop strategies with you that will help you feel confident and get positive feedback from the audience. Our coaching will expose your subconscious behaviour and reinforce your personal image. As experienced media professionals, we provide you with specific knowledge to professionally deal with journalists, while successfully placing your message. The training is based on a number of practical exercises: interviews, speeches, and presentations in front of the camera with individual feedback.